SmallRig RC350 & RC450 COB LED Lights: First Look More powerful with a new design

SmallRig continues to expand its COB LED line and it has just announced 4 new high-powered lights called RC350 & RC450 in both daylight and bi-color options with very high output and some interesting design features.

higher power and a new design

Earlier this year we tested and were very impressed with the RC220 lights from SmallRig which produce impressive output at a small and light body with good color accuracy and a very affordable price tag.

With the 4 new lights, SmallRig wants to push this concept further with 350W and 450W lights that have better build (the RC220 are mostly plastic) and some new design features.

Let’s start with the output. According to SmallRig from 1m and with a 55° hyper reflector, the RC-350D produces 149,000Lux and the RC 450D goes all the way up to 172,000Lux. The Bi-color versions (2,700K-6,500K) do 115,000/121,000 Lux respectively (just for reference the official output of the Aputure 600D Pro with a 55° hyper reflector is 111,000Lux at 1m).

How can SmallRig be able to push out so much output with lower wattage you ask? well according to SmallRig the company used “AstralTech” Optical System and special larger, higher power LED chips alongside several other improvements such as an advanced AC adapter with GaN (Gallium Nitride) material, with power conversion reaching over 95% efficiency.

New Optical System and larger LEDs


When it comes to controlling the lights you can use the onboard controls or the SmallGoGo app or use an optional cable controller which is a nice touch if you prefer physical control but has the light way up.

SmallRig also claims very low noise levels (28~32dB) and if true that will be a very welcome feature, especially since the one feature which we don’t really care for on the RC220 is the fan noise (which kicks in from time to time and is kind of laud).

There are some other design features including a sort of sliding metal quick release and a new locking handle which is redesigned (the RC220 had a plastic handle which was not ideal). The new mounting bracket is also claimed to prevent the head from sagging when loosened.

The back of the new RC450B COB from SmallRig


Pricing and availability

All 4 lights are already available for purchase at the following prices on B&H:

  • RC 350D COB LED Video Light – $800.
  • RC 350B COB LED Video Light – $900.
  • RC 450D COB LED Video Light –  $1000.
  • RC 450B COB LED Video Light – $1100.
  • SmallRig Control Panel for RC 350 & RC 450 LED Video Lights – $80.

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