Sony Announce: A6600, A6100 and New Zoom Lenses

Sony announced today four new products – two APS-C cameras and two APS-C lenses. The A6600 which will replace the A6500 and incorporate the AF improvements of the recent Sony cameras (including animal eye AF and real time AF) as well as a Z battery and a 180 tilt monitor. The A6100 is a stripped down version of the A6400 but with most of the important features. In the video above Kai had a chance to play with the A6600.

The A6600 has a deeper grip compared to the A6500 (due to the larger battery), the processor is faster than the A6500, has a tilt 180 monitor (similar to the A6400) and for the first time in a Sony APS-C camera a headphone mic. It also has 14bit RAW and even a 1:1 aspect ratio which is useful for those Instagram shooters. For video we now have HLG for better dynamic range and of course all the advanced AF features including eye AF tracking in video and animal eye AF as well as subject tracking.

Official Sony A660 video

The A6100 is very similar to the A6600 (and A6400) but lacks image stabilization and headphone jack, has lower res EVF (1.44m dots) and no Picture Profiles but retains the AF capabilities and 180 tilt touch screen (the body is similar to that of the A6400).

Sadly we didn’t get a lot of features that many users were hoping for in this update – that includes a newly designed body, center EVF with higher resolution and a better monitor (especially in daylight), nor did we get 10bit or 60p in 4K (not to mention 6K), or RAW video or even a better compression for video

As for pricing the A6600 will cost $1400 shipping in November 2019 and the A6100 will sell for only $750 in October 2019.

Sony also introduced two interesting zoom lenses:

  • E 16-55 F2.8G – new compact fast wide-normal -this is the first “pro” APS-C zoom lens which includes the XD linear motor (first appeared on the 400mm f/2.8). This lens weighs only 494g / 17.5 oz and 100mm in length (closed; it does extend though). The lens has focus AF/MF and focus hold button. The lens will be available in October 2019 for $1400.
  • E 70-350mm F4.5-6.3 G OSS – a zoom telephoto – here as well Sony incorporated the XD linear motor and it only weighs 625g/22.1 oz. This lens has optical image stabilization, AF/MF and hold customizable button. The lens will start selling in November 2019 for $1000.

Official Sony video on the E 16-55 F2.8G and E 70-350mm F4.5-6.3 G OSS

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