Sony Official A7/A7R Teardown

A while ago Sony started showing official teardowns cameras (and other products as well) on its official SGNL channel. This time around they decided to open their A7/A7R Full Frame mirrorless camera and let us pick inside.

So what do we have inside the A7/A7R?

  • 29 screws in 3 different sizes (sharp contrast from the 130+ you have on a typical DSLR).
  • All parts are help very tightly together just like the RX10 to get better weather sealing.
  • The front gip is part of the camera body (so you won’t get those annoying plastic/rubber parts falling (something that happened to us on our old Nikon).
  • Sony designed the inner parts of the camera so that cables will be as short as possible (very different than many DSLRs).
  • The A7R version (which is actually the one shown in the video) uses gapless on chip lens design which does not exist on the A7 model (the A7 also has a different sensor and no AA filter which does exist on the A7R).

So what does all of this tells us? well, for those of you who aren’t engineers, lots of this won’t say much, but it does seem that Sony is making its utmost to cut down on production costs so it can reduce the prices of its cameras but also maintain viable profits in some very hard times for the industry.

This is not the first Sony teardown we publish here – in the past we looked at a teardown of the Sony QX100 Lens Style Camera as well and we are pretty sure this won’t be the last we see here.

Iddo Genuth
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