The GoWing Lens Holder Will Help You Switch lenses with Ease

The Lens Holder from GoWing is yet another swing into the age old problem – how do you switch lenses quickly and easily without and extra set of hands, or a place to put your second lens while you switch.

Normally we try and switch lenses as quickly as possible to prevent dust from getting into the camera. However doing this requires practice and also a place to put your other lens while you do the switch. There are lots of ways of doing that – you can use a bag on the floor, you can have a dedicated lens carrying case with a strap or on your belt for one or more extra lenses and of course it always help if you have an extra person that can help you with that.

But what if you had a device which will let you connect your lens just as if you are connecting it to the camera?  Lens Holder is just such a device – it has a Canon, Nikon and Sony mount and two sides – one one side you put the lens you want to attach and on the other the lens that you are just removing – this way switch lenses is like musical chairs.

GoWing is a Korean manufacturer and the Lens Holder is their first product along with a clip which will allow you to attach the unit to the strap of your backpack (see here). We have contacted the company and waiting to hear from them on pricing and availability.

Update 1: we received word from GoWing who explained that the Lens Holder is capable of holding up to 100kg (although this is obviously not recommended), the unit will be priced just under $90 in the U.S. and you will be able to order them soon from this website.

Iddo Genuth
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