The Novo Camera & Novo Stabilized Mounted on The Radcam RC Car

Earlier this year Radiant Images married up the Novo camera and a Novo Stabilized, and mounted it on a Radcam RC car.

The result of this hybrid is a fully stabilized camera rig capable of moving fast enough to keep pace with a sprinting dog. The unit i has fully adjustable four wheel independent suspension which lets it move just as quickly over rough or uneven terrain. The Novo Stabilized is included to provide maximum stabilization and remote pan and tilt capabilities.

The full unit with the remote control and camera cost tens of thousands of dollars but the company rent the unit for around $1750 a day (or $5250 per week).

We have covered many other innovative products for HDSLR and video in the past  and you can find all of them on our HDSLR section here on LensVid.
Iddo Genuth
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