Zenelli – A Look at the First Carbon Gimbal Head

Italian manufacturer Zenelli created a unique design made out of carbon for a gimbal head intended primarily for shooting with long telephoto lenses. This is a first quick look at this interesting product.

About two years ago Italian company Zenelli revealed its first product – a carbon fiber gimbal (the first ever on the market). One of the problems with gimbals over the years has been their size and weight. Although size is hard to reduce (the physical structure need to be able to support the base of a lens with a long plate), weight can be reduced using the right material and carbon fiber (and theoretically magnesium as well although working with it is considered difficult) is a good candidates.

Zenelli – the first carbon fiber gimbal head

zenelli-1The entire body of the Zenelli is made out of carbon fiber (the actual manufacturing is done in Italy). Besides the carbon fiber the Zenelli gimbal also use hard-anodized aluminium and stainless steel for durable weather resistant body.

Photographer Jim Goldstein had a chance to play a bit with the Zenelli gimbal and this is his quick impressions


The Zenelli has several other interesting features including something called “Save Lens Lever”, “QuickRelease Lever”, “SaveLook”, “Levelling Bubble”, “Tilt Lock” and a “PAN pull out lever”.

Can also be used for panoramic images

zenelli-2Since 2013 there wasn’t a lot of media coverage (in English) about the Zenelli, following some recent requests from a number of our readers, we will be looking into reviewing this interesting gimbal later this year.

If you are interested in the Zenelli gimbal you can find more info about it as well as the option to order one (starting from €805 – under $900) on the Zenelli website.

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