What It Takes to Film Hummingbirds in Super Slow Motion Behind the scenes of a Hummingbirds shoot with National Geographic photographer Anand Varma

Hummingbirds are amazing animals. They beat their wings anywhere between 10-80 times per second (depending on the specific type of bird) and studying them has been a goal of researchers for decades.

National Geographic photographer Anand Varma has dedicated his life to the visual understanding of complex scientific issues. He shot parasites as they hijack host animals, primate behavior, and amphibian diseases but in his latest project, he decided to look at the smallest (and certainly one of the most fascinating birds) in the world – the hummingbird.

For the first time ever and using the most advanced cameras and recording techniques in the world, he was able to film hummingbirds in flight in 4K at 3000 frames per second. The above behind the scenes video gives a sneak-peek into Varma’s process and passion.

You can find much more info on this interesting (and truly breathtaking) project on the NG website.

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Iddo Genuth
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