Manfrotto Fast Video Tripods and MOVE System Hands On (IBC 2022) Manfrotto tripods and accesory quick release system

Today we are publishing the last interview we recorded in IBC 2022 which ended last month, with Davide from Manfrotto about the company’s line of professional video tripods and MOVE system.

We will bring you a summary and post-analysis of IBC 2022 with some more products that we didn’t have time to cover on their own in a final special video very soon.

Manfrotto Fast Video Tripods

Manfrotto announced their fast series of professional video tripods a couple of years ago and early last year we reviewed both the Manfrotto 635 and 645 Fast video tripods (see our full review here).

In the video above you can also see Manfrotto’s latest fluid heads mentioned, the Manfrotto 504x and Nitrotech 608 (which we also reviewed extensively – see here).

In the booth, Manfrotto showcased the tripods with a connected tablet or computer with either the TetherGear Tablet Holder or the TetherGear Laptop Deck which are both relatively new products for Manfrotto.

The fast twist locks on the Fast 635

Manfrotto fast 635

Manfrotto MOVE system

In the booth Manfrotto also showcased the MOVE Quick release system. This system was not meant for connecting directly to cameras (although you can do that in theory) but to be a quick-release system for accessories (much like the iFootage Seastars Q1 we reviewed two years ago).

 The Move has a knurled twist lock collar that can be turned to provide a secure lock or twisted in the opposite direction to release the plate in a single movement. The unit has a plate that features a 1/4″-20 threaded mounting screw and a storage space for a 3/8″-16 bushing adapter and It incorporates an anti-rotation set screw to help secure any mounted head or device.

There also has an x-lock which provides extra rigidity if you are using the MOVE with for example a slider and don’t want micro-movements to your rig.

Another interesting addition to this system is a plate with an angle. This is useful if you want to use it with the gimboom from Manfrotto which is a special monopod that can connect to extra legs and with the MOVE and the angled plate can create a sort of light tripod.

Pricing and availability

All of the products shown in the video (and discussed in this article) are already available on B&H or Amazon in the links below:

For more of our coverage on LensVid from IBC 2022 – please visit the following link.

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