Nitecore UFZ100: USB-C Charging Sony Battery Review NP-FZ-100 replacment battery with UBS-C

Today we are taking a quick look at a small but innovative product from the Chinese manufacturer Nitecore – the  Nitecore UFZ100 – a replacement battery for the Sony NP-FZ-100 with UBS-C charging and battery indicator.

About Nitecore

Nitecore is a manufacturer of LED flashlights, headlamps, batteries, chargers, photo accessories, and even cine lenses. Their new UFZ100 battery is an innovation on the market. It’s a smart battery with short circuit protection, offering USB-c charging through a port integrated right into the battery.

This isn’t the first time Nitecore is pushing this kind of idea. The company already has

This battery is a replacement battery for the NP FZ-100, and it is compatible with Sony’s full-frame cameras. It features a status check button with indicator light. The light changes color for a charge status readout and flashes while charging.

The Nitecore  UFZ100 battery

The UFZ100 packs 2250 mAh, similar to the original Sony battery. In our tests, we didn’t notice a decrease in runtime when powering our cameras (A7Riv, A1, and A7iv) with the Nitecore battery versus the original one (just over 2 hours of video shooting).

Having a power indicator on the battery is very practical, especially when you carry a few batteries. To check the power, press the button on the back of the battery. The indicator light shows green for over 50% charge, blue for under 50%, or red to indicate that there’s less than 10% charge.

Next to the charge indicator, the Nitecore battery features a USB-c port. When charging, the indicator light will flash red. We tested the battery’s charge speed through the onboard port with a USB-c charger with power delivery. The battery charged fully in just under 4 hours.

The UFZ100 USB-C from Nitecore Nitecore UFZ100

Testing the battery

The USB port on this battery is a great idea and will definitely help you out in a pinch, but if you need to charge this battery quicker, we recommend using a fast charger. In our tests comparing charge speed, our ISDT NP2 battery charger was significantly faster (3 hours) than the battery’s integrated USB port.

Nitecore also promises that the smart circuitry in this battery balances the charge cycles to ensure the battery’s durability. Time will tell how these confident claims will stand up to real-world use.

But if their innovative products are any indication of what they want to accomplish in the future, we’d say that Nitecore is going to grow pretty quickly in the photography market. They already offer lens and sensor cleaning solutions and a pretty powerful pocket-sized blower with an internal battery.

The Nitecore Blowerbaby

Nitecore Blowerbaby


In conclusion, Nitecore products are interesting and well made. This battery is a great alternative to the original, providing just as much power and adding extra features.

Pricing and availability

This battery will be available soon for the price of about $60. The blower is already available for $80.

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