Sirui 35mm & 100mm Anamorphic Lenses & Anamorphic Adapter (IBC 2022) Affordable Anamorphic options

Just prior to IBC 2022, Sirui announced two new FF anamorphic lenses and a unique FF budget anamorphic lens adaptor. During the show, we had a chance to talk to Mr. Yu Wu from Sirui about the new Sirui 35mm & 100mm Anamorphic Lenses & Anamorphic Adapter which are currently raising funding on Indiegogo.

New Anamorphic lenses – 35mm & 100mm

Sirui keeps developing its FF anamorphic line of lenses and for the first time also introduces a new type of FF anamorphic adapter that can be used with its anamorphic lenses but also with normal lenses to create a (slight) anamorphic look.

Let’s start with the 100mm T2.9 1.6x anamorphic lens.  The lens has 15 elements in 13 groups with a 93cm min close-up focus distance and an 82mm front filter thread and is just over 16cm long and under 1.5kg in weight.

The 35mm T2.9 1.6x anamorphic lens is very similar but much smaller physically with 18 elements in 13 groups with a 90cm min focus distance (pretty bad for close up work), same 82mm front filter thread, and is just over 11cm long and under 970g in weight.

Both lenses are fully manual with focus and iris gears and come in RF, L, E, and Z-Mounts. The 100mm and 35mm 1.6x anamorphic lenses join the existing Sirui 50mm and 75mm FF anamorphic lenses announced before as part of Sirui’s growing anamorphic line.

The two new Sirui anamorphic lenses and adapter


New Anamorphic Adapter

Sirui did not just announce two new anamorphic lenses it also showcased a pretty innovative FF 1.25x anamorphic adapter. The adapter can be used in two ways. Either on the front of an existing anamorphic lens (we played around with the adapter in front of the new 100mm T2.9 1.6x anamorphic lens and got a super squeezed 2X look) or on the front of a regular lens where you will be getting a pretty slight squeeze of 1.25X (we tested it on our Sony 24-70mm F/2.8 G2 lens and it worked fine but the squeeze was pretty minor).

This is how a 2X anamorphic looks like (desqueeze 100mm T2.9 1.6x + 1.25x anamorphic adapter)


The new 1.25x adapter has an 82mm rear thread that you can attach directly to the front of any lens with an 82mm front filter diameter. When the new adapter should provide a minimum focusing distance is 80cm / 2.62′ (although this might change depending on the lens it is used with).

With the adapter, you will be getting 3 step-down rings (82-67mm, 82-72mm, 82-77mm) and a step-up ring (92-82mm) so you can use it with other lenses.

It is important to align the adapter with the lens so that the flares are horizontal (there are markings for that on the adapter and the Sirui lenses. The 1.25x anamorphic adapter weighs 650g (or 22.92 oz) and it is fairly compact at 4.65cm (or 1.83″ long).

Pricing and Availability

Both the lenses and the adapter are currently raising money on Indiegogo and you can support this campaign for:

  • $430 for the adapter.
  • $1280 for the 35mm 1.6x anamorphic T2.9
  • $1280 for the 100mm 1.6x anamorphic T.29

For more of our coverage on LensVid from IBC 2022 – please visit the following link.

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