SmallRig New Products: Batteries, Matte Box and More (IBC 2022) Champions of innovation

IBC 2022 is over but we just came back with almost 30 interviews and we are planning on releasing a new video every single day for the next few weeks. Today we have the first of two short videos we shot with SmallRig which showcased a whole range of newly announced products. Among these were its new lights, video tripod, wireless mic system, newly designed top handle, multifunctional modular matte box, and many more. We had a chance to talk to Simon who briefly talked to us about those.

A Small Company with a Giant R&D

SmallRig is one of the most unique companies in the world. Not just in the photo/video industry but across any of the industries that we ever came across. What makes it so special you ask? the level of innovation that comes out of the company combined with the number of new products that the company releases every year is unmatched even by companies many times its size.

You might say that producing aluminum mechanical components for cameras and other accessories is not that hard (and while we would beg to differ based on our own experience), SmallRig has gone way beyond and developed especially over the past year or so a growing number of advanced electronic accessories including two series of light COBs (which we review and consider some of the best budget options in the industry at the moment), light accessories as a new wireless microphone systems wireless remotes and several new products that were shown on IBC.

If you are not yet impressed maybe this will change your mind. We were once told that SmallRig makes over 200 completely new products every year (this is an insane number), talking to the SmallRig team in IBC we were told that now they are making around 400 new products per year and that is for a company of fewer than 500 employees (we dare you to find any other company that has this level of ratio of new products to employees anywhere else).

What’s new for SmallRig?

During IBC 2022 SmallRig showcased quite a few new products (including a very special one that we were asked not to show and will be released soon).

The first set of products that we saw was the new compact V-mount batteries developed by the company. They include a nice info monitor, and plenty of connectivity options including fast charging USB-A, USB-C PD, 8V and 12V power connectors on the top, and a 5V D-Tap. The battery itself provides 14.8V/12A and comes in 50W or 100W variants.

These batteries have been released recently and they sell for $180 and $280 (50W and 100W and apparently there is also a 155W larger battery that is coming soon that we didn’t see at the show).

We also were shown the new SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box system (already available) which we are reviewing at the moment along with some (also new) SmallRig square filters (also newly released).

SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box system

smallrig matte-box

Another cool little accessory we saw for the first time at the show was the SmallRig Rotating NATO Handle – it’s a pretty straightforward product but it seems to work well. There is also a cool little top handle made from a type of aluminum we have never seen before which is very nice to the touch.

The new SmallRig Rotating NATO Handle (there is more than one new product in this shot and it’s not the Matte Box)


Shown only briefly in the video is also the new SmallRig video tripod and video head as well as the SmallRig Forevala W60 Wireless Microphone system (we have seen so many of those at IBC that it has become very difficult to excite us about this type of product).

Interesting material – the new SmallRig  top handle

smallrig-top-handle IBC-2022

SmallRig also promised during IBC new lights and modifiers (given the quality of their existing ones this is very exciting) and based on the actual numbers of new products the company is currently releasing there is much more to come.

For more of our coverage on LensVid from IBC 2022 – please visit the following link.

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