How to Pre-Edit Your Photos For Better Results in Photoshop

On this video photographer Nino Batista looks at an interesting approach to retouching called pre-edit using actions in Photoshop.

Pre edit is not for everybody. This is the first thing that Batista is clarifying at the beginning of this video. If you are travelling a lot or using different platforms to do edits at different times (laptops and maybe even tablets which run Photoshop) it is possible that pre editing might help your workflow.

The general idea here is to use a set of actions that will shorten the amount of time that you will spend retouching your image when you do finally work on it (so for example if you are flying back from a big shoot and you want to catch up on some light editing on the plane you can use these actions to save yourself some time before you will eventually have to sit and fully edit all of them.

Batista created a set of actions that work well for his style of retouching and he demonstrate that in the video. Of course this might not necessary apply to what you might be doing so you might want to create a set of actions based on your style of editing.

How to create your own actions in Photoshop

If you are interested in Batista’s actions – you can download them from here.

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section. You can check out all of Batista’s videos here on LensVid on this link.

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