Brush Tools in Photoshop – the Easy Way

On this video tutorial Photoshop senior product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes get back to a number of brush tools that some of you might have stopped using in the past as they were not been very effective. However in newer Photoshop versions they have improved and as you can see in the video they have become quite effective and easy to use.

Hughes starts with dodging and burning and shows you how the “protect tones” command can do wonders to your work here (as long as you remember to use a low value brush and a new layer for non destructive workflow).

The second tool is sharpen tool which allows you quick but useful way of locally sharpening areas in your image (as long as you remember to mark the protect details option and create a new layer to work on).

More advanced users might feel that these methods might be too crude for their taste but they are definitely quick and can work in some cases where more advanced techniques are simply overkill.

We have looked at burning and dodging in Photoshop on a number of previous videos including “How To Brighten Eyes in Photoshop” by Michael Woloszynowicz and “Retouching Eyes in Photoshop: Color, Brighten and Sharpen” by Aaron Nace.

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section.

Iddo Genuth
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