What’s New in iZotope RX 9 Audio Repair Software Dialogue Isolate, Dynamic De-hum, Ambience Match and more improvments in RX 9

Cambridge based audio software company iZotope recently announced the 9th iteration of its popular advanced audio repair suite – iZotope RX with a host of new and improved features – let’s have a look.

We have been using iZotope RX for years and it saved us from a lot of audio disasters and complex situations where the audio recorded was simply not usable otherwise. The 9th version, while not groundbreaking upgrades and improves several key features of the software.

New features in iZotope RX 9

iZotope 9 is offered in two versions – Standard and Advanced (as well as a post-production suite with extra software bundled inside) with the advanced version supporting about 14 extra tools. RX9 advanced has 9 different areas of improvements / new features (the Standard version gets 4 out of those).

Dynamic De-hum (Standard / Advanced)

The Dynamic De-hum tool now has a new dynamic mode which the company claims can instantly remove any hum, wireless ring, or interference, without artefacts using up to 1024 dynamic notch filters (up from 16).

RX9 demo – De-hum: Instantly Remove Hum and Background Noise from Audio

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Dialogue Isolate (Advanced only)

The Dialogue Isolate tool in RX9 includes improved Ambience Preservation even when noise reduction is pushed to make for more authentic-sounding audio. This can remove the sound of traffic, footsteps, rain, or other noise with highly changing profiles.

There are now two quality settings available for the user:

  • Good: for fast, high-quality processing (speed over separation).
  • Best: highest quality processing with fewer artefacts and better isolation (longer processing time).

It is still possible to use the older algorithm for those who prefer it.

RX9 demo – Separate Speech from Background Noise

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Ambience Match (Advanced version only)

RX 9 Ambience Match lets you match the noise floor of one recording to that of another recording. This can be useful for ADR work but also for other situation where you audio needs to sound the same over different segments (that might have been recorded in different sounding environments).

RX9 demo – Ambience Match in action

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Spectral Editor in Logic Pro (Standard and Advanced)

The new Spectral Editor allows Logic Pro users to apply with iZotope processing and visualization to wor, without having to toggle between Logic and the RX.

Restore Selection (Standard and Advanced)

You can now roll back an audio selection to any previous step in your History, hovering your cursor over an item with a selection will reveal an icon in line with the text. Clicking this icon will restore your selection.

Expandable History list (Standard and Advanced)

This one is just a UX/UI change but it has been a long time coming. You can now expand the history pane to see more of the changes that you made to a track (up to 30 steps back).


Pricing for the standard version is currently set at $300 while the Advanced version sells for $800 (existing iZotope RX users can receive significantly reduced prices based on the company’s “Loyalty Offers”).

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