12 Crucial Questions To Ask Before You Light Your Set

In this video Videographer Ryan E. Walters from indiecinemaacademy looks at 12 different lighting related questions that you need to be asking yourself before you prepare to your next shoot.

Lighting isn’t just meant to make sure your scene is lit properly – it can set a mood, create atmosphere and be an important part of the feeling of the video or movie that you are shooting. There are many aspects that has to do with choosing how to lit your scene – some are purely technical but maybe – as you will see in this video – has far deeper importance and infloence.

Here are the 12 questions from the video:

  1. What is the mood and tone of the scene?
  2. Does the time of day affect the scene?
  3. Are you establishing your lighting style or matching other content?
  4. How many people are in the scene?
  5. Where does the action happen in the scene?
  6. Do people move around in the scene?
  7. Will we see the floor or the ceiling?
  8. Are there any practical effects in the shot?
  9. Do we need to balance the light levels of the interior to the exterior?
  10. What ISO will we be shooting at?
  11. What is the slowest lens we’ll be shooting with?
  12. will you be doing any high speed or macro work?

We have looked at many aspects that has to do with lighting  of both stills and video photography here.

VIA: nofilmschool.