Combining Strobes with Ambient Light at Sunset

On this video, photographer Jay P. Morgan from the website the Slanted Lens goes to Gettysburg showing how to combine strobes with ambient light in a historical-like image.

Shooting at sunset can be  exceptional in terms of lighting however you do have a short window of time and you need to make the most out of it – especially if you are trying something complex and trying to add some artificial lighting as well.

Morgan tries this image of a Lincoln at a cannon with several different lights – each lights a small part of the picture – one for the lantern, one for Lincoln and one for the cannon. The challenge is to shoot with all these light and the background. and the even bigger challenge – shoot the Lincoln model at a very long exposure of 1-2 seconds – not easy.

This isn’t the first video Morgan published on shooting at sunset with using TTL flashes which is also worth checking out.

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