Green Screen Basics and Tips

On this Westcott video Jem Schofield takes a look at different aspects of using a green (or blue) screen and gives some useful tips.

There are all sorts of reasons to use green screens. We often think about using a green screen for special effects however as we see in this video it can be used to replicate a place where shooting is just impossible (too laud, too dangerous etc.).

Schofield talks about many aspects of green screen shooting in this video, the size of the screen, the color (there are times when you will want a blue screen which might work better – if your talent is wearing green clothing for once), where to place your lighting to light the green screen (using flags to block light leaking), where to place your talent (not too close to the green screen so not to have light spilling onto the screen as well.

Finally Schofield talks about editing (although he just mentions some key points but does not really demonstrate them) which is a different and quite complex topic all on its own. We have to mention that even with all the gear used for this shoot and Schofield’s experience the end result as it is shown on the video still looks a bit “copy-pasted” to our eyes (but than again even in some Hollywood productions we get this feeling so maybe we are just over sensitive to these kinds of things).

We have covered green screen in the past with a video by Matt Forbes from Telestream who covered a few different aspects of green screen use as well as  James Mathers from the Digital Cinema Society who made a full Beginner’s Guide to Lighting a Green Screen.

You can watch more HDSLR and video techniques on our dedicated HDSLR channel here on LensVid.

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