How to Shoot a Perfect Silhouette Video

On this video, photographer Curtis Judd shares a simple set of tips for shooting a perfect video silhouette.

Doing a video silhouette might sound strange but there are occasions where it actually makes sense – especially when you are trying to emphasize what a person is saying rather than how he or she looks or when you are actively trying to hide this person (it can also be helpful if you are trying to do videos where you test audio devices such as recorders or microphones – which is something Judd has been doing a lot).

The technique is actually pretty straight forward. Use a room with no windows (or cover them), have no lights in the room and no light on your subject but do use lights on the background (which should be white and overexposed). Now you need to do some work in post to make sure that your subject will be 100% dark and that your background will be 100% white (Judd shows how to do this in DaVinci Resolve but it should work in Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro X just as well).

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