How to Shoot and Edit HDR Photos

In this video photographer Phil Steele demonstrates how to first shoot and than edit an HDR in Lightroom.

Steele takes 5 photos for his HDR in different exposures (you can do that with 3 but 5 will give you more dynamic range. The next step will be to merge all the 5 images using Lightroom – in the most recent (6/CC) version this is going to be a real breeze.

Now the most important thing to remember that letting Lightrrom create your HDR doesn’t mean that you should accept what it does – you can play with it just like any other image you edit and change it so it will look best to you (Steele for example doesn’t like an HDR which has too much of that HDR look – in other words he – like us – like the more realistic looking HDR shots – but this is obviously a matter of personal taste).

We have looked at creating HDR quite a few times in the past, both in terms of actually shooting HDR and in terms of editing it – you can also cehck out a recent video we posted on the subject entitled “Creating a Black and White Image with an HDR Look in Lightroom” by photographer Anthony Morganti.

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