How to Shoot Low-Key Film Noir Style Portrait with 2 Speedlights

On this short video New York based Photographer Erik Valind demonstrates how to capture a low-key, film noir, high contrast portrait with 2 flashes and a grid.

Similar to the previous video we recently posted here on a simple 2 flash lighting setup (also with the help of the guys from ExpoImaging), this current setup is also very simple but can produce great results if you are looking for this type of high contras portrait look.

For the key light Valind use a speedlight relatively close with a grid, highlighting the face. On the back you also have a grid with a strip to light the entire model from the side with a somewhat softer light (both grid and the stip+grid are made by ExpoImaging but you can probably achieve similar results with other grids as well).

This is also not the first time that we are looking at shooting dramatic portraits – you can also check out “Shooting with a Softbox Grid for Dramatic Soft Lighting” by Gavin Hoey.

You can find many more helpful photography tips on our Photography tips section here on and  LensVid as well as more specific lighting tips here.

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