Jim Garner: Using Directional Side Light

On this short video by CreativeLive wedding photographer Jim Garner takes a look at shooting a groom and his groomsmen using available light from a side window.

This video (part of a course named “From Images to Art: Storytelling in Wedding Photography”) looks at how you approach a wedding shoot inside when using available light – in this case a light coming from a window. Garner talks about some of the lenses he is using for these kinds of shots as well as his approach to the groom – making him more comfortable and bringing him to pose in a natural way (instead of telling him what to do, asking him things that will make him pose in the right way).

We have looked at natural light photography several times in the past including: “On Reflection – Working with Natural Light” by  Christian Hough and “Shooting Using Reflectors and Natural Sun Light” by J.P. Morgan. We have also seen some videos looking at how to work with light modifiers including this one by the guys from  stillmotion looking at “Shooting Outside With Modifiers“ and “Fill Flash Modifiers: Outdoor Portrait Tutorial” by  Craig Beckta.

You can watch many more photography tips on the LensVid technique section. as well as more videos on using lighting in photography on our photography lighting section here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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