Mark Seliger on Portrait Lights

On this Profoto video photographer Mark Seliger talks about the way he works with light in in particular his recent work with Lenny Kravitz for his upcoming album.

Seliger shot many iconic portraits of some of the world most well known celebrities including Kurt Cobain, Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, P Diddy and others. For this video he talked about the light he used for the Lenny Kravitz shoot which is very minimalistic but still capture the right feel. Some of the setups are pretty complex in terms of lighting although the final one only required a ring light.

Seliger on working with Lenny Kravitz



Aside from his photographic career, Seliger is also known for hosting a series called Capture where he interviewed know Hollywood stars who have been interested in photography such as Kevin Bacon and top professional photographers including Platon, Mary Ellen Mark and others. You can check out some of these interesting talks here on LensVid.

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