Shooting the Red Riding Hood – Indoor/Outdoor Tutorial

On this two part “Red Riding Hood” video photographer Gavin Hoey takes a look at creating a unique studio and outdoor photos with strobes and natural lights.

On the first video (above) Hoey shows in a step by step sort of guide how he creates a shoot with a Red Riding Hood theme in his studio with 2 lights. The second part of the video takes a look at how to use Photoshop for cleaning up the final shot.

On the second video (below) Hoey continues the same theme but this time outside combining natural light with strobes to create the perfect look.

Balancing Flash with Low Ambient Light



We have looked at natural light photography and artificial lights several times in the past including: Outdoor Portraits – Using Natural Light and Fill Flash with Craig Beckta, “On Reflection – Working with Natural Light” by  Christian Hough and “Shooting Using Reflectors and Natural Sun Light” by J.P. Morgan.

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