Tips for Run & Gun Photo Shooting

On this video, photographer Jay P. Morgan from the Slanted Lens heads to downtown L.A., shooting some new products for Vanguard on the move and giving us a look at how he works.

Vanguard has some new products (we saw some of them in Photokina a few months ago and we already got 2 new bags we shall be reviewing in the near future). For the shoot Morgan uses only his camera and lens and one reflector.

This type of shooting has limitations – in many cases you need to crank up the ISO as shooting with artificial light is either impossible or impractical. This means that a full frame camera is a must and you need to be a stable as you can (Morgan didn’t use a monopod but it could have helped in this kind of situation). One big tip – don’t be afraid to go low (really low – down to the ground) if it will give you the angle that you need even in the middle of the street.

You can find lot more lighting tutorials on our photography lighting section here on LensVid, and you can find all of Jay P. Morgan’s videos here on LensVid on the following link.

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