Tips for Boosting Income When Work is Slow

Photographer and videographer Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter shares some good tips for working through slower times for your photography business.

As professional photographers we will eventually hit a rough spot – a time when things are slower. Caleb suggest we look at this time as an opportunity to improve ourselves.  He has several suggestions that can help you make a little money right away (sell unnecessary equipment, rent stuff to others, use affiliate links if you have a blog) but most tips will help you in the longer run (expend your work into other fields, learn and improve your skills).

Most of the tips are pretty straight forward, however especially when times are hard we don’t necessarily see things in a clear way and may waste this important time that can help us later on in our career.

We have a full section devoted to becoming a professional photographer called “photography as a business” here on LensVid.