Video Variables: Matching Cameras and Settings

On this lynda tutorial (part of a longer series of videos), Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman talks about different variables you have to consider when shooting a video with more than one camera.

There are many things which can affect the way a video will look when shooting using two or more cameras. The type of the camera, the sensor size, the lenses and of course the settings (anything from shutter speed, ISO, aperture to frame rate). You also need to consider the fact that even with the same settings the image might turn out to be different on different cameras and even in some cases on similar cameras (although this is typically less of a problem and thus a good option for professional work).

As Harrington mentions – there are limits to how much you can make a footage similar in post production and so thinking about these type of things in the time of shooting and remembering to set everything correctly can save you a lot of time and headache in post.

You can find many more videos covering HDSLR techniques on our dedicated HDSLR tutorial section here on LensVid.

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