A First Look at the Sony Cyber-Shot QX10 and QX100 Lens-Style Cameras

Yesterday Sony announced a new family of innovative products at IFA 2013 (Europe’s largest consumer electronics trade show held each year in Berlin). The new product line is called Lens-style Cameras and consists of small units which combines all the components of cameras (including a sensor, memory, processor, battery etc.) but do not include a screen. Instead they are wirelessly connected to a mobile phone (Android or iPhone – using a special app) and use the mobile device’s display to operate the camera remotely (you can also connect the Lens-style Camera to the mobile device using small retractable clamps).

The video above shows Olivia and Kenta from Sony SGNL preview the two new cameras and show what they can do. The first is the QX100 (a unit which is almost identical to the RX100 II without the LCD and RAW shooting capability) and the  QX10 has a smaller sensor (similar to that found on most compact cameras) with a 10x zoom.

The Cyber-shot QX10 can be pre-ordered on B&H for $250 and the more advanced QX100 can be ordered for $500 from B&H.

Finally – a “bonus” official Sony commercial for the new QX cameras showing some of the things that you can do with them