A Look at Savage Double Riser Stand The Swiss army of wheeled stands

Many people might know Savage for their paper backgrounds however you might not know that the company makes all sorts of grip equipment including stands and a very interesting one are shown in this video called the double riser which is basically two-wheeled risers connected by a sliding hinge. This opens up a large number of potential uses as you can see in the video above by the guys from Threefold.

Normal wheeled risers stands can be super useful on many types of production sets and studios (as long as the ground is flat they can be much better and more practical than a c-stand). However, there are many types of gears as well as many types of setups that can really benefit from using two riser stands (think large sliders, background setups light/diffuser setups, and much more).

The Savage Double Riser Stand

The Savage Double Riser Stand brings a very useful solution to this situation by creating a product that can not only change the hight like a normal stand and move on wheels like a wheeled one but is also connected using a sliding hinge which means that you can choose the specific distance between your stands easily and fix it in a secure way.

Camera slider rig

In terms of specs, the Savage Double Riser Stand can extend from 13″ (33cm) up to 63″ (1.6m) wide and the closed down high of 49″ (124.5cm) and a max working height of 116″ (294.6cm). We are not exactly sure of the max payload

Super easy background setup

The unit has 3-inch locking casters so you should be able to easily move this thing on your studio/set even with some serious gear. One additional benefit – the stands of these units are spring-loaded so it should help your gear from sudden unexpected crushes.

Very narrow when stored

As for pricing, the Savage Double Riser Stand isn’t exactly cheap but compared to two high quality wheeled riser stands it might not be super expensive either at $357.

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