A Look at the Konova Sun Jib Series

During NAB 2016 earlier this year Konova introduced a series of 3 different length jibs that have a new self levelling mechanism which is  completely enclosed into a single bar and meant to be extremely smooth. he good people from cheesycam did this interview and demo during the show which they published recently around the time that this new job reached the market.

The new Sun Jib series comes in a kit with only 9 parts – all the rest is included inside the main arm which makes this entire it very easy and quick to install on location. It comes in three lengths (which you can see in the image below) has a weight bar for counterbalance (it does not come with the weight which you can probably buy locally and save the shipping cost). The max payload of all 3 jibs is about 7kg/15 pounds.

The 3 different lengths in the Sun Jib series 


Below you can see an official demo of the new mini jib



As for pricing, the series starts at $640 for the small S400 version and goes up to $830 for the large S900 version (a bag will add you an extra $50-$70 more).

You can find more info on the Sun Jib series on the Konova website.

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