A New Light Painting Kit with Cool DIY Options

Light painting artist Jason D. Page developed a simple system for creating simple light painting with custom brushes or DIY ones.

The system developed by Page is really simple. it uses as its basis a plastic connector (called Universal Connector) which on the one side connects to almost any flashlight you might have (with a diameter of .975″ to 1.5″ or about 2-4 cm) and on the other side can connect to different light brushes.

The Universal Connector with flashlights and brushes


If you are the type of DIY person who loves to make his own stuff you can connect a bottle to the other side of the universal connector and paint it with any color and you have your own DIY brush (we can also think of many other things you can connect to the bottle tip to create other custom shapes.

Intro to the Light Painting brushes


The system works best with lights that have a on/off button on the back end of the light that way you have the ability to turn the light on and off easily or even strobe the light an intervals if you’re feeling wild (some flashes also allow for different power levels which is another thing worth testing when doing light painting).

Some of the custom brushes you can buy for the Universal Connector


The whole thing is pretty inexpensive – the Universal Connector cost about $20 and custom brushes goes from $7.5-$70 depending on the type and the kit (you can find all of them on Pages’ website).

Light Painting very personal Documentary with the inventor of the system – Jason D. Page


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