World’s First Drone Light Painting

German drone manufacturer Ascending Technologies decided to take light painting to a whole new level by creating the first ever large scale choreographed light painting with its  modified AscTec Falcon 8 UAS drone.

There is apparently a new way of creating light paintings and it looks like it is more precise and more spectacular than anything we have ever seen and like a lot of other cool things in photography these days it involves drones.

According to Ascending Technologies:

“The Drone Light Painting flights have been performed at airspeeds of 2 m/s with the patented V-Form Octocopter AscTec Falcon 8. Santa Claus throwing the presents into the chimneys and the snowflakes in the starting sequence of course are animated GIFs, yet based on flown paintings.”

Each one of the light paintings in the above clip were recorded with the drone in the air for about 5-8 minutes with predefined waypoints and recorded using a Sony A7S Mark II. As far as we understand at this point the light painting drone is not a product that you can buy (although you can purchase the “regular” AscTec Falcon 8 UAS drone of course, but it will cost you over $30,000).

Santa Claus and the Reindeer Sleigh in the skies

drones-light-painting-uav-uas-unmanned-aircraft-system-santa-claus-reindeerThere have been other interesting innovations recently which were designed to help photographers make creative light paintings like the pixelstick which got over $600k on Kickstarter last year, but the AscTec Falcon 8 UAS takes the whole concept of light painting to a whole new level (literally – you can make light paintings in the sky – does it getter better than this?).

We have covered many light painting projects here on LensVid and you can find all of them on our Light-Painting page.

Iddo Genuth
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