All You Need to Know About ND Filters

In this B&H video series (made by Kelby Training) photographer Larry Becker discusses in-depth the topic of ND filters – what they are, how to use them and why/when as well as tips, tricks and some interesting accessories.

On the first part in this series (above), Backer explores things like different types of ND filters, uses for stills and videos, different mounts for ND filters, common problems such as light leakage from the viewfinder and of course when you will want to use an ND filter (for example long exposures during daytime).

In the second part Backer looks at a few more specific topics including long exposure, shallow depth of field, graduated ND filters, Variable ND filters and some accessories.

The second part – beyond the basics

The final video in this series looks at creative uses for ND filters, using ND filters with film cameras, issues such as the x-effect and lens flare. Finally Becker mentions Xume filter system

The third and final part – tips, tricks and special effects

Using an ND filter is very common in both stills and video work and we have looked at this topic many times in the past including videos such as Using a 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter for Landscape PhotographyHD Variable Neutral Density Filter by Fader,using filters for shooting waterfalls, as well as on Fotodiox WonderPana FreeArc filters for Wide-Angle Lenses, and finally on How to Use ND Grads: a Step by Step Guide and more.

More guides and comparisons of photographic gear can be found on our photography gear guides – here on LensVid.

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