Is This the Ideal Filter Protector?

On this quick video, I want to share with you a little product that you might not be aware of that can help you keep your precious lens filters safe when you are not using them.

If you travel a lot with circular filters which you don’t keep directly attach to your lenses at all times, you probably struggled with the same problem that we did. How can you keep them safe from scratches or bumps that can break them?

There are many options for lens filter cases, however, most of them are soft cases which can be great for protecting against scratches but if you have something with really sharp edges in your bag or more likely you are just squeezing in things too tightly a filer in a soft filter case can still get damaged or break.

Enter the hard filter case. We came across this specific one on e-bay a while ago and decided to order one to see if it is worth anything. To our surprise, it turned out to be one of the best purchases we made for a few dollars in a long time.

A simple, inexpensive, but effective hard filter case

This thing comes in different sizes and you need to pick the one that fits your filters and you basically screw it on both sides of your filter and it is completely protected (don’t over screw it – some people who used this reported that it can attach too strongly to the filter – it never happened to us though).

It is made of thick metal so even in the unlikely case that something will directly hit, squeeze or scratch your filter – it is 100% protected.

This thing has a few extra bonuses besides the great protection – it is as compact as it comes (if you really want to pack small), it can be used for several screw-type filters of the same size and should protect them fine and it can also be used with step up or down rings attached as long as you have the correct size for the front and back (we did use it in this way as it saves us some time when attaching the filter to the lens).

We would suggest adding the specific filter’s name on the case (we used our brother label printer for that).

If you want to you can add another level of protection for your filters with a soft or semi-soft case (such as this one) that could reduce the chance of damage to your filters in case of a fall.

Finally pricing – this is super affordable – you can get those for around $5 or less on e-bay as a no-name product (which seems to work great) or spend another 2-3 buck and get it on Amazon from Fotasy. We can highly recommend this product and it is certainly a must for anybody using filters.

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