Angler Wall Mount Light Modifier Hanger Review (Bowens/Profoto/Elinchrom) Alsp, how to create a simple but very practical DIY solution for light modifer wall hanging system

Today we are going to talk about a small inexpensive solution that we found almost by mistake when looking for a way to hang our light modifiers in our new studio.

If you start gathering more and more light modifiers even in a large studio you are going to get clutter. In our case we have very high ceilings (about 3.6m or almost 12ft) and finding a way to use this highest for storage was one of the things that immediately occurred to us.

Simple, yet super practical – Angler WM-BOW

Angler WM-BOW

We have quite a few Bowens light modifiers, some are small and fit nicely in a box or on a shelf but others are much larger, and finding a place for them that will not get in the way is very difficult.

Looking around the web there are all sorts of DIY solutions but we were looking for something that will be really secure and not fall accidentally on our head. After some search, we found the Angler, Wall Mount. Talking to the company they were nice enough to send us three units (plus some other accessories that we shall cover in a separate video).

The units that we got are called WM-BOW (Adapt-A-mount) and there are versions that fit other brands of modifiers as well if you are using Profoto or Elinchrom for example. They are small round and made of metal with four screw holes.

They are designed to be hanged on a wall or ceiling directly and they have a locking knob on the side to prevent the modifier from accidentally slipping out. All in all, they feel very secure if they are locked in properly.

We didn’t want to drill too many halls in our ceiling plus we keep getting new modifiers of different sizes so there is no good distance to mount those that will accommodate different modifiers.

Our DIY solution using the Angler WM-BOW

Here comes our DIY solution. In our old and very cramped studio, we were forced to put as much as our lights and accessories on the very low ceiling and we created a rig on the ceiling using long aluminum profiles. In the new studio, we have a completely new pantograph system so we didn’t need this DIY solution but we did use some of the profiles for other things including as a movable base for the Bowens holders.

All you need to do after you properly mounted the aluminum profile onto the ceiling is increase the size of the holes on your Bowens adaptor so they will fit the screws needed to connect to the profile (in our case M6 or M8 screws) and we make sure that we screw them in well enough that the holder will not fall but will not be tight enough so we can easily move it to accommodate different sized modifiers.

Just keep in mind that with really huge modifiers you might have an issue reaching the release mechanism, however working with those always present some physical difficulties in our experience.

Conclusion & pricing

You can, of course, use this on a wall as well as a ceiling or for smaller modifiers although if you have dozens of modifiers even at $30 (all three versions cost the same), which we see as a quite reasonable price for a metal mount like this, it is going to get expensive really fast.

At the end of the day, the Angler Wall Mount is a fantastic robust, and pretty inexpensive solution for storing different light modifiers. If you have many different size modifiers or you want to be prepared for future ones in different sizes – connecting them to an aluminum profile like we did on the ceiling or a wall is going to be a really simple and practical solution.

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