Arca-Smart 360 Dual – The Multi Function Quick Release Plate This smart quick release plate can do it all

Benro recently released a new type of quick release plate the can do a large number of tasks which until now required several pieces of gear to accomplish including shooting a panorama, adapting to both Arca and RC2 heads, shoot multi-angled shots, connect to smartphones and more.

Last year we covered Benro’s ArcaSmart Quick Release Plate which has an integrated smartphone holder. The Arca-Smart 360 Dual is the next step in the evolution of this family of products with even more features and options.

The multifunctional Arca-Smart 360 Dual quick release

One plate to rule them all

So what does the new Arca-Smart 360 Dual bring to the table? first of all the new plate design is compatible with both Arca style and Manfrotto RC2 style systems (we will be discussing these types of dual plates in an upcoming video later this year).

The second feature of the new plate is the multi-angle functionality – you can connect your camera and quickly change its angle. This will allow you to change camera orientation very quickly.

The third feature allows for easy panning for tilt heads that do not have this feature and it includes angle markings for repeatable results.

Just like the ArcaSmart Quick Release Plate, the new plate also supports smartphones out of the box but with much more versatility and angles (horizontal, vertical, forward, backward etc.).

The new plate also has 4 accessory connectors (1/4″ 20) for connecting a mic, wireless transmitter, light etc.

Good for smartphones and cameras

Pricing and availability

As for pricing, the new plate is already selling on B&H for under $150.

If you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section.

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