Audio Technica AT4053b Microphone Review – Recording an Indoor Dialogue

On this video photographer Curtis Judd takes a look at the Audio Technica AT4053b condenser microphone. This pro level mic is an interesting option for serious users who are looking for a solution for recording an indoor dialogue

While Judd’s admits that his main microphone for recording dialogue indoors is the RODE NTG-2 shotgun microphone, he did look for a different type of microphone which can be used in other situations closer to the talent. Here comes the Audio Technica AT4053b condenser microphone which isn’t exactly cheap but compared to the broadcast standard Schoepps CMC641 which is priced at close to $2000 is an interesting option.

The Audio Technica AT4053b is not a cheap microphone – it sells at just under $600 on Amazon.

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