The Big Camera Trolley Bag Comparison – Which one is the Bets for You

On this video, Jordy Vandeput from Cinecom looks at five leading trolly style camera bags from Manfrotto, Tenba, Think Tank, Sachtler and Lowepro and go over their features one by ones and picks a winner.

Vandeput was honest enough to state from the get-go that this video was sponsored by Tenba but that he told them that his intention was to do an objective comparison and our impression (based in part on using some of these bags ourselves) is that he was pretty spot on with this one.

Here are the contenders for this comparison:

  • Lowepro Pro Roller x200 AW – $350.
  • Tenba Roadie Roller 21 – $380.
  • Think Tank Airport International V3.0 – $400.
  • Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader-55 – $380.
  • Sachtler SC302 Ultra Wide Camera Rollpak Bag – $327.

Vandeput final verdict is this – the Tenba, Manfrotto and Think Tank are all great bags with lots of advantages and very few disadvantages, the Lowepro is also very decent and is especially great for travel as you can turn the camera gear part into a backpack and have the trolly for other stuff (really fantastic solution). The Sachtler, on the other hand, is not really the best bag in comparison (but maybe you can put some shoes in it…).

We are currently testing one of Think Tanks rolling bags (and have been using Manfrotto’s older rolling bag for quite some time now) and we promise to bring you a detailed review a bit later.

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