Custom Monitor Mount Using GoPro Parts

On this video Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter takes a look at creating a simple yet very functional camera monitor mount using GoPro accessories.

Mounting a monitor to you camera can be tricky. SmallHD recently launched the FOCUS monitor which we covered here that comes with a really nice arm that connects to your hotshoe but most monitors don’t come with such an arm or come with a small ballhead which can be pretty annoying to use.

Here are the parts Pike used for his build (we would suggest going with the stronger metal parts – especially if you have somewhat larger monitors):

Metal Hot Shoe Base:
Metal Female 1/4 Base:
Metal 1/4 Mount:
Plastic 1/4 Mount:
Plastic Offset 1/4 Mount:
Metal Knobs:

One note – attaching a heavy monitor to the hotshoe of your camera is not recommended (not with a metal accessory and surly not with a plastic one). If you have a larger, heavier monitor you can use Pikes system but attach it to a cage instead (using a 1/4″ 20 base instead of the cold shoe base) this should be more secure and will not damage your hotshoe – just make sure the attachment does not swivel (a nut might do the trick).

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