DIY Cinema Camera Rig Build

On this video tutorial videographer Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter shows a his DIY camera rig which can support and power sound, monitor and other accessories.

Pike decided to work with wood and create his own box to which he attaches all of the parts that he needed including sound, power (from a Sony plate although you can probably do something similar with a different brand as well) and monitor as well as a convenient handle.

A few months ago we published our own DIY cage/rig build which took a very different route – we placed our camera in a pre made metal cage but placed the camera in the back – behind the cage and connected all of the accessories to the cage itself with some additional help.

Since than we made a few extra modifications to out cage including adding two types of quick release plates on the bottom to adapt to any type of tripod head. We are not looking at some more builds including larger batteries and possibly also a cage for a Sony A6300/6500 which we are also using right now.

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