First Look at the Wacom MobileStudio Pro

We are doing another quick break from our extensive (After event) coverage of Photokina 2016 and looking at yet another interesting release which happened a bit under the radar a few days ago – a new pro level set of tablets from Wacom designed for content creatures (including graphic designers and of course photographers) called  MobileStudio Pro.

A few years ago Wacom introduced the Wacom Cintiq Companion –  a tablet which is based on Windows 8 OS and has the Cintiq advanced system (with the Multi-touch input and 2048 levels of pen pressure). Since than things advanced a little bit and now Wacom has the next generation pro tablet which is thinner and more powerful than before.

The new MobileStudio Pro comes in two sizes – 13 and 16 inches they come with Windows 10 and use a brand new stylus called the Pro Pen 2, which has improved precision with less lag and 8,192 levels of sensitivity (about 4X as we had before which was already pretty great).

Just like before this is a completely stand alone device which can be used as a sort of add-on display for your main computer if you so please (you will need to connect it to your computer – we are still trying to figure out what this entails with Wacom).

A few general specs of the MobileStudio Pro:

  • Display: 13/16 inches – 2.5k or 4k respectively with gamut rated at 96% of Adobe RGB.
  • CPU – Intel Core-i5 or Core-i7 CPUs.
  • OS – Windows 10.
  • Storage – 64GB-512GB (ranging from $1500-$2500).
  • GPU – Nvidia Quadro M600M processor with 2GB / Nvidia Quadro M1000M (the second comes in the higher priced model).
  • The higher priced models also come with the Intel RealSense 3D camera.
  • 3 USB C connectors.

Official Wcom video


There might be some accessories that you might still need even at this price like a keyboard and a stand as well as – we are hoping that we might have a chance to take a look at the MobileStudio Pro in the future and give you a full review.

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