First Look at the Tilta Nucleus N: Micro Wireless Follow Focus

Possibly one of the coolest products demonstrated this year on IBC 2017 is the Nucleus N tiny wireless follow focus by Tilta.

In the demo above by  Nino from Cinema5D, Yang Shao from Tilta U.S. shows how you can use this follow focus on different types of gimbals and rigs. What is special about this is that you do not need rails (although you can use them if you like) but you can connect the system to your lens using the hotshoe of your camera.

This is ideal for smaller setups (and of course for use on drones/gimbals etc.). The wireless controller has a range of 50m (about 150 feet) and both the controller and the motor has a battery (the motor part has an attached battery part) and the wireless controller should last for up to 8 hours.

Besides the size of the unit which is super small (ideal for DSLR but even more so to mirrorless cameras), the price for this unit is going to be only $400 (with some additional accessories and options coming up later on), significantly lower than any other wireless follow focus that we are aware of.

We shall be talking to Tilta soon and try and get you a review of the Nucleus N as soon as it becomes available.

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Iddo Genuth
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