First Look: Zhiyun-Tech Weebill and Crane 3 Lab Gimbals (Photokina 2018)

During Photokina 2018 we had a chance to play with the two Gimbals Zhiyun-Tech was developing – the smaller Weebill Lab and the huge Crane 3 Lab – both have an interesting new design both focus on maximum payload but the Weebill is intended for lighter mirrorless cameras and the Crane 3 for much larger and heavier bodies.

Both models have some very interesting new features including the move of the roll motor so camera screen is not blocked, the option to move the handle to the back for lower level shots, option to view the videos from a smartphone, locks for motors (for travel) and convenient screen at the back of the gimbal for operation.

Another interesting feature of both gimbals is the ability to control cameras including most modern Sony cameras, Panasonic GH4/5 and even the Canon M5 with EOS-R and Nikon Z support on the way. Both gimbals come with a tripod and Manfrotto standard camera plate.

The Weebill Lab has a load capacity of 6.6 lb / 3 kg and it runs on two included 18650 batteries (10-12 hours run time) and cost $600. The larger Crane 3 Lab has a load capacity of 10.14 lb / 4.6 kg and it includes both external Focus and zoom (the Weebill only comes with one motor which can be used for either focus or zoom). Pricing is lower than stated in the video at $900.

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