Head to Head: 13 Affordable (COB) LEDs

On this video photographers, Jay P. Morgan and Kenneth Morgan (from the Slanted Lens) take a look at no less than 13 different COB (Chip on Board) LEDs under $1000.

There are so many great LEDs out there now. The COB category specifically has been exploding in the past two years with an endless number of models from very small and light to large super powerful studio lights.

Morgan point of reference in terms of power output is a 1k (classic) light, ranking the different lights

An important and interesting point – price is far from an indicator at least when it comes to power output. Some of the sub $400 units are significantly more powerful than the most expensive unit on this list.

Here are the lights in the comparison including pricing and measured brightness (compared to a 1K light):

  1. Godox SL 60W Daylight-Balanced; power output: -1.7 stops ($159).
  2. Godox SL 100W; power output: -1.5 stops ($245).
  3. Savage Fresnel 1000 LED Light; power output: -1.6 stops ($270).
  4. Godox SL 200W; power output: +0.2 stops ($385).
  5. Dracast Boltray Plus 600W; power output: -1.7 stops ($200).
  6. Hensel Intra LED Light; power output: -3.3 stops ($398).
  7. Mivitar Menik Bi-Color LED Fresnel Light; power output: -2.4 stops ($459).
  8. Aputure 120d Mark I; power output: -1.6 stops ($570).
  9. Genaray Radiance Daylight LED Monolight; power output: -0.6 stops ($650).
  10. Dracast Fresnel Pro LED 1500 with DMX; power output: -1.7 stops ($700).
  11. Genaray Powerhouse Daylight LED; power output: +1.4 stops ($800).
  12. NiceFoto COB LED HA 3300B Light; power output: +1.7 stops ($800).
  13. Fillex P360 Pro Plus LED; power output: -2.7 stops ($995).

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Iddo Genuth
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