How to Build a DIY GoPro Camera Stabilizer from… Lego

How would you like to build an entire camera stabilizer out of… Lego? well, somebody has already done that and there result is surprisingly useful (although we can’t vouch for the long term stability of this platform, but it is sure as hell cool.

Although this isn’t a new project (it was actually published just about a year ago) it still lots of fun and we feel that it deserves some attention. The project creator who runs a DIY YouTube channel since 2009 called Product Tank TV with lots of cool projects (including some which are photography related), had spent quite a bit of time on this Lego project after teting a heavy wooden stabilizer.

Here are the list of items that you will need if you want to build one of your own (plus quantiles):

Camera Holder (for the Go Pro only):
Connector peg = 2
Plate 6×10 = 1
Technic Brick 1×8 diameter 4.9 = 2
Technic Brick 1×6 diameter 4.9 = 2
Technic Brick 1×4 diameter 4.9 = 1
corner plate 1x2x2 = 2
plate 2×4 3x diameter 4.9 = 3
You will also need an elastic band and a sheet of paper or thin foam.

Balancing Arms:
Technic Brick 1×16 diameter 4.9 = 7
Technic Brick 1×12 diameter 4.9 = 4
Cross Axle 6m = 10
Bush for Cross Axle = 22
Plate 2×10 = 1
Technic Brick 1×8 diameter 4.9 = 1
Brick 4×2 = 3
Connector peg = 4
Small Elastic Bands and Selotape

Tensioning system:
Technic Brick 1×16 diameter 4.9 = 4
Connector peg = 24
Connector peg cross axle = 6
half bush = 6
Technic Brick 1×2 diameter 4.9 = 10
Technic Brick 1×6 diameter 4.9 = 8
Technic Brick 1×8 diameter 4.9 = 8
Technic Brick 1×10 diameter 4.9 = 6
Technic Brick 1×12 diameter 4.9 = 2
Technic Brick 1×4 diameter 4.9 = 1
Plate 2×8 = 9
Plate 2×10 = 5
Plate 2×12 = 2

3L joint – have to use ebay
Cross Axle 6m = 1
Bush for Cross Axle = 2
Connector peg cross axle = 1

If you are not into DIY but but a real decent (and digital) stabilizer for either you smartphone or GoPro – check out this new video from our friends at Film Riot who just reviewed the very interesting Gimbal from IKAN designed for smartphones and GoPro cameras (called FLY-X3-PLUS) it sells for around $350 which sells for around $350 (a bit more than a few Lego pieces but it won’t break in your hands):


For all those who are interested in stabilized camera gimbals here are all the videos that we have published on this topic to date.

You can also check out many more interesting DIY photography projects here on LensVid.

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