How to Make a Simple DIY Tabletop Background Holder

Today we want to share with you a simple design that we created that worked really well for us for holding different types of foamboards as backgrounds when we shoot food and product photos and videos in our studio (do check out our 2019 studio tour if you didn’t already).

All you need are two pieces of thick wood which you connect together to form a T shape using glue or screws (or both). We just happen to have a few of those from an old wooden bed base so we used them for this project.

The second component is a wide folder metal clip which you connect to the wooden T using a screw and a washer (depending on the size of the screw head you might need more than one washer to secure the clip).

Finally, to prevent the clip from damaging the delicate foamboards we use some high-quality gaffer tape.

You can use just one or if you want to be extra safe two of these DIY holders to secure even very large foamboards. You can also put some paper or fabric background on your foamboards with a few more clips for a different look. Enjoy.

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Iddo Genuth
Iddo Genuth is the founder and chief editor of He has been a technology reporter working for international publications since the late 1990's and covering photography since 2009. Iddo is also a co-founder of a production company specializing in commercial food and product visual content.

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