IBC 2019 Tilta “DIY” BMPCC 4K and 6K Flipscreen

Although IBC 2019 has ended a while ago there are still a number of very interesting products and announcements from the show worth checking out. One of those is a really interesting “mod” developed by Tilta which does two thing – it turns the screen of your Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K into a flip screen and gives you a sort of an internal SSD as you can see in the video the good people from Cinema5D shot during the show.

The BMPCC is an impressively spects camera (surly the new 6K) however ne feature has been really missing and that it a swivel or articulating screen. Tilta decided to try and fixed that with a user modification that uses the original screen and using some parts that Tilta will send you and using a tutorial (Tilta will share a do it yourself video for disassembling your monitor and connecting it with the new mod when it becomes available).

The screen will be able to tilt and extend a little bit and will also be able to turn 180 degrees for selfies – just keep in mind that at the moment you can’t flip the image so you might need to turn the camera or the image in post (but maybe Blackmagic will eventually release a fix for that in firmware).

The second part of the mod also addresses an issue with the camera. If you want to use a fast SSD storage with the BMPCC you needed to physically connect a cable to an SSD and find a way to attach that to the camera (with a cage and connector for example like what smallrig has).

With the Tilta you have another option. With the mod kit, you will get an M.2 thin SSD housing and you can buy your own compatible SSD to put inside. This will go neatly behind the monitor (which is really cool) and done by flipping the USB-C connector from the outside to the inside of the camera (don’t ask us how you will do that but it should also be a DIY type of thing). Tilta is also toying with the idea of leaving the external USB-C connector as well (possibly some sort of splitting?), but this isn’t confirmed yet as the product has not been finalized.

Finally, the Tilta mod changes the entire connector side plate of the camera making it sleeker and without doors.

Also worth mentioning that all of these changes will still work with existing BMPCC cages – so you won’t need to buy a new one if you mod your camera (the hood won’t work though).

The mod will ship in November 2019 for $330. Just make sure that you know in advance if this will void the warranty on your BMPCC (our guess is on yes but the Tilta people didn’t have a final answer at the show).

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