iFootage Komodo K5 Head, Cobra II Monopod & Shark Slider Mini

NAB 2017 has closed some time ago but we still have a number interesting products to share with you from that show and this time around we have a look at three innovative products by iFootage – a motorized slider, a fluid head and a monopod.

The new iFootage Shark Slider Mini announced and demonstrated in NAB this year is the smaller version of the company’s Shark Slider. It does not use a belt instead it has a built in  toothed track. The unit is comprised of sections – each is one foot or about 30 cm with a quick release system, so you can theoretically make it as long as you want.

The iFootage Shark Slider Mini is completely toolless and you can add a flywheel on to add inertia to your slide or a new motion control unit which you can see in the video. This motion control system has an iOS app (Android coming soon) and the slider can take a payload of 10kg.

The next products are the Komodo K5 Head, Cobra II Monopod which also has some interesting features including a special quick release system for the head (you can pop the head off very quickly – put it on the legs easily or just put a different head in a few seconds). The monopod leg open with a pull (you can see this in the video) you can also connect two legs together to get a really tall monopod.

The Komodo K5 Head & Cobra II Monopod

As for pricing – The slider will cost about $400 (for a single track or $500 for dual) if you also want the motion control you will pay $1200 and each extra track will cost another $100. The monopod will cost $110-$180 for the Cobra II Monopod the Komodo K5 will cost $150.

We will be looking into several monitors in the near future so stay tuned for that. If you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section. Also – check out our NAB 2017 coverage – here.

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