Image Backup Tips For the Traveling Photographers

On this video Wildlife and nature photographer Steve Perry (from backcountrygallery) shares his on the go backup strategy.

Perry goes to many outdoor and wildlife shooting trips and being a professional photographer his images are his livelihood which means that protecting them in some cases can be even more important than protecting his gear.

For this reason it might seems extreme to some people how far he is willing to go to back up his images. As always, the general idea for back up (in the field and at home/office) is to have several levels or copies where those backups are located on different physical devices which are located at different places at all times.

The main difference between this type of outdoor/travelling backup strategy and a more robust permanent backup strategy that you will be doing at home or in your studio or office is that – when travelling you will typically not take a dedicated RAID array with you (although something like the LaCie Rugged RAID which we reviewed recently can be a good option) and a secondary or third layer of cloud backup is typically not an option – unless you spend enough time in a place with fast broadband connection – which typically isn’t the case from our experience). As a side note – think how cool it could be if there was a dedicated external backup unit similar to the Nexto ND2901 we reviewed here recently which can connect to your smartphone with a USB-C or similar fast cable and use the smartphone 4G technology to backup all of your images to dropbox or any other similar cloud storage whenever you finish shooting (a man can dream right?).

We have covered this topic several times in the past including on Joel Grimes on How to Keep Your Images SafeStorage and Backup for Strategies Photographers by Photographer Matt Grangerand Image Backup Strategies for Lightroom by Julieanne Kost.

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