Joel Grimes on How to Keep Your Images Safe

On this video photographer Joel Grimes talks about different ways he uses to backup his images.

Having several layers of protection for your images and videos is essential. Everybody that ever lost a hard-drive will tell you what a horrible feeling it is to have all your work destroyed with no backup. Although you can never have too much backup – having a reasonable strategy that you can actually implement to store ad backup your data on a regular basis is no less important than actually buying the hardware that you need.

Here is a rule we already mentioned in the past – backup should be completely automatic (this is impossible with archiving but you can put a reminder for yourself to do this once a week/month). Just set everything up once and make sure it is all working (even do a restore test to see that you know how if worse comes to worse).

On this video Linus did a crazy fire test for the IOSafe which Grimes mentioned in the video above – pretty cool


We have looked at storage and backup options for photographers extensively in the past on our article entitled “Storage and Backup for Strategies Photographers” as well as more on the software side on Image Backup Strategies for Lightroom by  Julieanne Kost.

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