NAB 2019: a First Look at the Moza SlyPod – Slider/Monopod Hybrid

NAB 2019 is here and maybe the most innovative product at the show (at least the most innovative that we came across) was showcased by Moza at their booth called the SlyPod and the guys from No Film School got a sneak peek.

The SlyPod demo

The idea behind the Moza SlyPod is simple but pretty ingenious. It is a combination between a monopod and a slider. The motor is inside the tube and it has some pretty cool capabilities – here are some of the stuff that we know at the moment:

  • The Moza SlyPod can Climb up with a payload of 39lbs or 18kg (it was shown with some pretty heavy cameras)  or move horizontally with a payload of 26lbs or 12kg – basically more than enough for any useful setup including very heavy rigs.
  • Support remote control via app (or you can control the unit from two buttons on the SlyPod itself).
  • Can be connected to multiple MOZA products through a Multi-CAN port.
  • Has side connector that you can connect to a tripod.
  • Weighs only 2lbs / under 1kg.
  • Weatherproof design.

There are some things that we still don’t know and these include length and max travel, how the app works as well as the pricing and availability of the SlyPod. You can find more info on the SlyPod on the Gudsen website.

Another NAB 2019 video with the SlyPod 

YouTube player

We hope that we will get a chance to test the SlyPod later this year when it becomes available and for the time being, we shall continue with our NAB 2019 coverage so stay tuned!

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